Natural and Complete Senior Dog Food

You might be wondering what the best senior dog food would be for your older dog. In our range, we have a traditional fish and rice-based food, grain-free fish-based food and also a grain-free Turkey-based food.

What Is Senior Dog Food?

Senior dog food has been designed to meet the needs of older less active dogs. Higher levels of protein and lower in fat with fewer carbs and fiber, than regular dry dog food.

As our working dogs age, their bodies require different nutrition than they require as a puppy or when working as an adult.

Typically, a senior diet are lower in calories than an adult's food taking into account that the dog is less active.

We offer a number of all-natural senior dog foods that won't break the bank.

Does Your Older Dog Require a Senior Dry Dog Food?

It depends! Depending on the breed of your dog they will age at different rates. Generally, smaller dogs age slower and live longer.

It isn't only senior dogs that can benefit from dry dog food for senior dogs. During the off-season, your dog might be struggling to stay trim.

It might also be beneficial for breeds that are prone to overeating, they can have more food for the same amount of calories.

A senior dog lying down on the floor with a neutral expression.

When Is a Dog Considered a Senior?

A senior dog is one where age is starting to catch up with them. They are moving less and possibly struggling to stay lean. There is no fixed year that they magically pass and become senior.

Feeding an Older Dog: How a Dog's Dietary Requirements Change With Age

Our senior dog food has a much lighter kibble that is easier to crunch to make it easier to digest.

We use glucosamine and chondroitin in each meal to help senior dogs with their joints.

All of our senior dry dog food recipes are complete and balanced with naturally sourced ingredients. They are also great for senior dogs and less active dogs who you might want to lose a bit of weight.

It is still important to choose your dog's food with care as they get older. As dog's age, they become less active and have different nutritional requirements. To keep them healthy it's a good idea to reduce their calories and keep them trim. Keeping them slim will definitely help their joints as well.

As they age, your senior dog deserves high-quality, nutritious food that meets their needs.

You've had a lifetime of devotion from your older dog. Now it's time to look after their needs as they head into their twilight years.

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